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Project TRIGEMA Monkey: 

We were very pleased about the assignment to create an animated 3D model for our customer TRIGEMA. The living chimpanzee Charly has been the mascot of the company since 1990 and became known as "Best Minute" by TV advertising on the ARD. Mr. Wolfgang Grupp, CEO of the Swabian company TRIGEMA, decided to exchange the real chimpanzee for animal welfare reasons against a virtual monkey. 

Monday, 14 November 2016 14:33

What is Augmented Reality

Pictures say more than words ... Below, we would like to introduce you to a small selection of general and interesting augmented reality videos.

Videos of our partner Appear2Media about the use of AR in print media


Thursday, 01 September 2016 13:18

Augmented Reality projects

When we implemented the first AR projects around 10 years ago together with our AR software development partner metaio from Munich, technology was neither known nor widely used and was more or less regarded as a marketing game that will not prevail. However, when the Apple Group also became interested in our partner metaio and bought the company, it gradually became clear that AR can and is more than just a nice marketing gimmick. 

SmartView Augmented Reality app

On our page Projects under the heading Augmented Reality we present a small selection of the most popular projects in video format. 

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Monday, 11 January 2016 15:20

Augmented reality in the IKEA catalog

For our customer and partner metaio from Munich we created the complete 3D models for the IKEA catalog.

Watch here the video of IKEA in which the AR application is presented:  

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