3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, 3D Animation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Your innovative 3D agency

Pictures oppress us at every opportunity. But only when they appeal to us emotionally do we perceive them.

Spatial and moving images have a lively effect. CAD-LAIF's secret to success is computer-generated 3D models, from which photorealistic images (3D renderings) and films (3D animations ) emerge that arouse emotions and curiosity.

Photorealistic 3D models and 3D renderings of room scenes, in 3D configurators for vehicles or furniture and in print and online media

Since 2006, our visualization team has been passionately creating digital models that produce renderings and animation for a variety of purposes.

As a professional agency for 3D modeling and augmented reality , we are not reinventing the laws of advertising, but using the most innovative techniques for lifelike images. With our enthusiasm for effects and perfect staging, we amaze our satisfied customers time and time again.

Creative inspirations

Whether in technically demanding 3D models, emotionally-appealing renderings, 3D animations, augmented reality and virtual reality apps, you simply see the results of CAD-LAIF that the enthusiasm of a highly motivated and competent team is in them.

Our core competences

We are your partner for the creation of virtual worlds!

Unser Streben gilt der authentischen, ehrlichen, fairen und offenen Kommunikation mit unseren Kunden, Mitarbeitern und Partnern.

We strive for authentic, honest, fair and open communication with our customers, employees and partners.

We spice up our working lives with a pinch of humor and at the same time stand by our values ​​of decency, respect, loyalty and seriousness.



CAD-LAIF offers complete services or supports you with individual project modules. We have an excellent network of partner agencies to handle very urgent or large projects quickly and with high quality. We value open and fair communication and are looking forward to working with you in partnership. 

We are looking forward to meet you!

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