Augmented reality for wow-effects with your customers

Augmented reality (AR) represents an extension of reality by integrating virtual content into a real existing environment. More and more print media, products and online applications are enhanced by exciting AR content such as 3D models, 3D animations, 360 ° panoramas with interactive content, with riddles, competitions, etc. It will not be long before AR applications become part of our everyday lives.

Place your product in a new world

In marketing, augmented reality offers a wide range of possible uses, because AR can not only provide products in surprising contexts or provide additional information. Augmented reality generates emotions, surprises and fun, makes products or services appear lively and tangible. The use of augmented reality in online games, such as through Pokémon Go, contributed significantly to the popularity of the application. However, many more AR apps will follow in the future that will provide users with meaningful and valuable everyday help.


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CAD-LAIF has been around since the early days of augmented reality

With over 10 years of experience, we are one of the agencies in Germany, who were involved in the emergence of Augmented Reality Apps right from the start. In close cooperation with our former partner, the AR software development company metaio from Munich, which was acquired by the Apple Group in May 2015, we launched the first augmented reality "WOW applications".

Interactive marketing is the future

If you want to present your product or message in a special setting, you are more than right with us. The interactive interaction of different worlds inevitably sets your product apart from conventional advertising.

With Augmented Reality Apps we provide unique virtual effects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Be fascinated by the almost unlimited possibilities of augmented reality and enchant your customers with your product. We develop informative and original advertising formats that are guaranteed to be overlooked.