What is augmented reality?


Augmented Reality provides your company with unique product presentation opportunities by enriching a real item or image with additional digital information.

Just point a camera, such as your Smartphone or tablet, at the object. Our image recognition algorithms capture it and texts, animations or videos are activated around the real object. The additional digital information makes reality virtual. Brands can be experienced beyond the normal limits.

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Your challenge

Product advertisements in print media and on posters do not provide enough space to display all important product images and information.

Our solution

Your customers will scan the ad or catalog page with the AR app they have developed for you, and they will be shown more details directly. It does not just have to be text or a picture gallery. Benefit from a wide range of possibilities.

A link to your shop page with the corresponding product for a direct purchase? Playing a video spot? No problem!

Even with complex technical product explanations, the improvement of your customer service or innovative competitions our Augmented Reality solutions are an enormous added value for your company.

Augmented Reality offers, for example, useful solutions to easily understand technical processes and to be able to implement processes without much prior knowledge. In production areas, augmented reality applications are used as an alternative to conventional operating instructions. Pictures are understood in every language.

Boring print products are out!

Many companies use Augmented Reality's technology to enhance their print media through virtual and interactive content. Catalogs, brochures, flyers, operating instructions, labels, etc. offer the customer real added value in addition to the virtual experience.

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