CAD-LAIF: Your creative team

For over 10 years, 15 innovative minds have been producing exciting and sophisticated virtual worlds.
Initially focused on the automotive sector, today we specialize in developing high-tech 3D models of various objects. We bring to life products that previously only consisted of an idea or sketch.

3D applications bring products to life
Whether as a simple image, as video animation, as configurators developed by us or in our 360 ° applications: our models make complex products and processes understandable and tangible. With great attention to detail, the virtual emotion of your product is in the foreground.

Emotional response and promotional features
Your product explains itself so, in addition, other animations can clarify its applications and not least, it can put in an unexpected context, emotionally effective to attract attention.

No routine: every job is a creative challenge
Characters with charm as corporate mascots, such as the famous chimpanzee of the company Trigema developed on our computers as well as the living rooms of IKEA. Whether a small order or a large customer, we turn every project into an emotional experience.

Our art is marketing that attracts attention
Whether technically complex or arousing associations and feelings, each project contains all of our passion and passion for creating small and large virtual works of art.

Ueber uns