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3D product viewer and product configurators

3D product viewer and product configurators (1)

3d modelle 360 produktvisualisierung

In product viewers of online shops and product configurators, photorealistic 3D renderings have become indispensable! 

A product viewer is a simple, interactive and easy-to-use application that lets products spin around their own axis. If a product consists of several components and variations, the variety of variations can be defined via a configurator and the variants displayed graphically.

To create a 360 ° panorama of a product, multiple renderings are generated from different camera angles. In order for the product in the presentation to be "round" when turning, at least 12 renderings should be produced per product, which are arranged side by side, as it were. Ideally, you use 24 renderings, so that the rotation runs smoothly, without stattering.