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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 00:00

Creation of the 3D model and animation of the TRIGEMA chimpanzee Featured

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Das TRIGEMA Maskottchen, Schimpanse Charly in 3D Das TRIGEMA Maskottchen, Schimpanse Charly in 3D

Project TRIGEMA Monkey: 

We were very pleased about the assignment to create an animated 3D model for our customer TRIGEMA. The living chimpanzee Charly has been the mascot of the company since 1990 and became known as "Best Minute" by TV advertising on the ARD. Mr. Wolfgang Grupp, CEO of the Swabian company TRIGEMA, decided to exchange the real chimpanzee for animal welfare reasons against a virtual monkey. 

We are very proud that we were able to fulfill this task and thank Famiele Grupp and Gassner for the trust placed in us.

Our task was to create an animated 3D model and show the chimpanzee as newsreader. Of course, the virtual monkey should resemble the original chimpanzee. Over the years, several live chimpanzees have become TV stars. The Grupp family found the monkey (pictured below right), who was last used to film, particularly likeable. If you want to know how the monkey came to TRIGEMA, please click here. 

Trigema Schimpanse ARD Werbung

We are pleased to introduce our "3D Charly" to you. The appearance of the 3D model has been changed several times. In the picture below you can see the result desired by Familie Grupp.  

TRIGEMA Schimpanse 3DModell 

The last TV spot, which was broadcast for the first time without a chimpanzee, was supplemented by this 3D rendering at the end of the video.  

We look forward to developing beautiful animations with the monkey for our customer TRIGEMA in the future. 

Image impressions of the making of`s

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