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We hope that the audience will like our contribution and we would be delighted to participate in the voting! 

VirtualEmotion - Trigema Spotrocker Kampagne

Matching the animation, we have also created two printable files, including once in color and 1 x in black and white as coloring page for children. 

You can download it here: 



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Trigema hired a briefing for its own campaign under the motto "live valuable, live uniquely". Since we already had the honor and the pleasure of developing the 3D model as a replacement for the real chimpanzee for the company TRIGEMA, it was of course clear that we participate in the campaign.

Trigema Spotrocker campaign

The idea arose spontaneously, we create a 2D cartoon video and let the chimpanzees conduct interviews with various TRIGEMA customers. Character (figures) were drawn by monkey and the clientele and finally came also family Grupp's turn. Of course, it was also obvious to make a comic from the cartoon in order to be able to provide the story as a PDF for download. In order to make friends for the little TRIGEMA fans, the comic was also created without color as coloring page.

Our contribution to the campaign. 

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Project TRIGEMA Monkey: 

We were very pleased about the assignment to create an animated 3D model for our customer TRIGEMA. The living chimpanzee Charly has been the mascot of the company since 1990 and became known as "Best Minute" by TV advertising on the ARD. Mr. Wolfgang Grupp, CEO of the Swabian company TRIGEMA, decided to exchange the real chimpanzee for animal welfare reasons against a virtual monkey. 

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