2D animation

2D animations can be used for different purposes.

It is often used in product advertising. Drawn comics come to life, as well as self-explanatory videos to explain complex processes.

With a real movie you can only show what the camera captures. With animated pictures every situation can be visualized. This is especially interesting when it comes to things that are otherwise difficult or impossible to portray.

We humans love this kind of moving pictures since Walt Disney premiered New York on November 18, 1928.

The advertising industry likes to use 2D animations. Larger companies communicate with their customers and / or employees through their own cartoons.

Any kind of process can be easily and clearly explained by means of a 2D animation. Once the characters have been created (drawn) and prepared for animations, follow-up productions can be created inexpensively.

In a nutshell, own 2D animations for the following applications and everything else you can think of: 
  • product visualization
  • architectural Rendering
  • Animations for web presentations
  • simulations
  • training videos
  • Cartoon videos
  • explanatory videos