Renderings and visualizations are an integral part of product development and market introduction. Many companies present their products with renderings by CAD-LAIF. 

Our 3D models are used in product design, prototyping and medical and industrial developments. We have many years of experience in the production and processing of 3D models. 

CAD-LAIF optimizes complex 3D models (CAD / CAM / CAE systems, CATIAv4 v5, Solid Works and other CAD formats) and prepares the data for real-time visualizations. 

Data optimization enables companies to leverage existing CAD data for 3D product presentations or virtual shows. It also allows the provision of complex 3D models on the Internet.

3d render car engine
BERU Pressure Sensore Glow Plug - Rendering for a brochure (3D animation was also created by us)

 3d render speaker

3d render music equipment
3D renderings for the new TW-Audio product catalog

3d render intersection of machine

3D rendering for Dürr Dental, use in print products.

3d render network equipment

ADVA Optical 3D Rendering of a network card for online and print use.