CAD-LAIF has tremendous experience in creating 3D models used in augmented reality (AR) applications. 

Started 10 years ago, with the former AR software developer and market leader metaio GmbH * and now with the new market leader and AR software specialist appear2media, we have realized and realized "prominent" AR projects to date. 

Use of existing 3D data

In many cases 3D data already exist, e.g. as STEP files. However, these 3D models are too big (too many polygons) to use for AR. We can import all current design data, construction software such as Catia, NX, AutoCAD, etc., we have in-house, so we can work with original data. Original data usually has to be cleaned up first, ie all geometries that we do not need (e.g. inside) are removed to reduce the large amount of data of the model.

Of the STEP or other design data, however, we only use the geometries. Our 3D artists use these geometries to create new 3D models with a smaller polygon number. The details and quality are preserved. In any case, STEP or data is enormously helpful for us, as it also reduces our time expenditure. 

* metaio was bought in May 2015 by Apple and thus disappeared completely from the market.

3d model sofa on ar marker

3d model armchair on ar marker
3d models for IKEA Augmented Reality catalog 2014 and 2015.

3d model suv car on ar marker
3d models for jeep discovery augmented reality catalog.