Jagd-Onlineportal in Deutschland


Brief description: 

Complete support of the customer from the beginning on and on to the ongoing operation of the largest German hunting information platform including database development and much more. 


Concept and design development, logo and banner development, database development with graphical representation of the country maps of Germany and Austria. Other maps of all federal states and cantons, which then divided into the different counties. Integration of numerous search functions according to different categories and criteria. Development of an online form for entry into the databases. Integration of a shop, classifieds market, newsletter, networking of the site with news of social media, creation of payment systems, automatic data backup, search engine marketing, etc.  

Maintenance of the website:

Customer processes texts and images, after brief initial support by individually adapted to the website instructions. CAD-LAIF provides technical support.

Report about the cooperation of our customer, K & F Jagdportal - Stefan Fügner

For more than 2 years I was looking for a partner who can set up a hunting portal on the internet with me. The directories, whether hunting leases or hunt service providers that I hired on my blog, went well beyond editorial contributions. Unfortunately, a blog is not designed for such offers. Again and again I came here to the limits of the blog software.

Of course, I had very clear ideas on how such a software should work, but no idea what insane work for the creation of such a software according to individual needs is necessary. And so the years went by without me finding a software developer who wanted to get involved in the project after sharing my ideas with him. Since the creation of the hunting portal I know why!

But then, at the beginning of March, everything went really fast! With Manuela Kern from the company CAD-LAIF, I found a hunt dog enthusiastic entrepreneur, who wanted to take the risk of such a portal on its feet, to take on. With Ms. Kern, I found the ideal partner to implement my idea with a portal on the Internet. I admit that I would certainly have approached the creation of the portal otherwise, I would have known what kind of work on such a software project on me personally ... But that's probably the case with many large projects: If everyone knew at the beginning No matter how immense an effort, most projects would probably never be realized. And so I was faster than I thought in the midst of a nerve-racking but also very exciting realization of an Internet portal.

Now I do not want to bore anyone here with reports of the individual project phases, but I can assure everyone it was very labor intensive. I do not want to know how many times the programmers heard me say, "I do not want that," or "That's not possible, everything has to be redone." If then a person like me, who has very clear ideas of his portal and from which hardly any compromises are to be expected, the software developers need good nerves and the team has absolutely proven! When the message came "We are online" you could hear, as with all those involved the stones from the heart of many.

Therefore, I would like to thank Ms. Manuela Kern and especially the nerve-racking, patient and diligent employees of the company CAD-LAIF with all their hearts, that they managed to set up the GERMAN HUNTING PORTAL together with me in close, cooperative and trusting cooperation! 

This time will remain in my memory forever. Just as the collaboration has started, it continues to this day. The support is great, my wishes are always implemented quickly and excellently. The portal is almost a permanent construction site, because I constantly have new ideas that need to be implemented. Ms Kern made for a perfect search engine optimization, so that I had yet to spend a penny on advertising and the portal is visited daily by about 1,500 users. 
I wish the company CAD-LAIF a lot of success! 

Stefan Fügner 
on the foundation of the German Hunting Portal in May 2014