CAD-LAIF has been specializing in the creation of digital worlds for many years: 

our 3D models are characterized by an optimal ratio of polygon number, file size and quality! 

Why it is so important to first think about the future intended use of the model in 3D modeling (also called modeling). 

Use of high poly 3D models

If we create a 3D model for printing in photorealistic quality, a so-called 3D rendering, in which the result can hardly be distinguished from a photo, a high poly model is created. The high density of polygons also allows us to zoom in very close to image details to show details. Everyone knows the glossy brochures of the automotive industry, which are printed for the different vehicle models. For this, inevitably High Poly models have to be created. Not only the model, but also the textures (so to speak the wallpaper on the 3D grid model), contributes to how big the model will be in the end. However, the size of the file (in MB) does not matter much for this purpose. 

The situation is quite different with the use of low poly models, 

If the 3D model is to be used in real-time or augmented reality applications, this cannot be achieved with a highly polygenic model. We speak of real-time or real-time applications, for example, in 3 D models that are to be used in a product configurator. The polygons affect the final size of the data set per model. The fewer polygons, the smaller the model becomes in terms of data volume. The smaller the model, the faster it can be loaded into online applications. In the mobile age, the application on mobile phones and tablets, which have less power than a PC, must be taken into account.    

The models should be small and yet look very realistic. We accomplish this balancing act through a carefully thought-out structure from the beginning.   

High and low poly model in use

As you have learned now, there is a big difference between low and high poly 3D models. A high poly model is not suitable for a low poly application, just as you cannot produce high quality rendering from a low poly model. 

The difference between high, medium and low models is also explained in our blog with examples. 

Low Poly und High Poly Modelle

In the picture above, we show you a vehicle, which was created for an augmented reality application as Low Poly 3D model.


High Poly 3d Modelle

Of course, these rules also apply when creating 3D animations based on the 3D model.